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The Great Escape

New photography prints are up for sale in the shop.

And there's FREE shipping worldwide until August 31st.

Pictured below is one of my favourite photos, and I've understood that it is also one of my most popular ones, so after requests from the public I've decided it was time to put it up for sale.

Have a look here and test out different framing options:

Norwegian summer nights

Spending the weekend in beautiful Kragerø.

Lost in the mist - iPhone diaries


A very unpredictable day.
Left work early to catch the ferry over to Denmark for the weekend, but the traffic out of town was insane. There was no way we were going to get on that boat on time unfortunately. Rain pouring down and hours waiting on the motorway, we realised we would have to check into a hotel for the night and continue the rest of the journey tomorrow.
But making the best out of the situation and actually ended up having a nice evening in the little town of Larvik on the coast. Fun to be suddenly somewhere totally unexpected. I will catch the morning ferry over to Denmark tomorrow instead. And I'm quite excited to cross the sea at sunrise.

Evenings Like This - iPhone diaries

Driving fast cars in the rain with my good friend and mentor, the amazing photographer Lars Botten.
Now that summer is approaching I love to have little afternoon getaways after work.

All that inspires

My little haven of beautiful inspiration


I've fallen in love again with all the photos on my old tumblr page.
So I've decided to bring it back to life and continue sharing with you all the photos that I find beautiful and that inspire me.

Fun thing is that I feel that many of the photos that I've posted on that tumblr reflect so many parts of my personality and all these images represent a part of me in some way.

French Riviera

Tuesday inspiration board

Me and my cameras are still very much hibernating, even though this is the first week that the sun has finally appeared again, and there's more daylight, more time and more interesting shadows to play with and photograph. I'm slowly getting started on new projects and finding the time to do what I love the most. But before I have some great new to material to post here, I made a little collage of photos that I downloaded to my desktop. I love to spend time getting inspired by other blogs, sites and tumblrs. 
All these photos are from the very cool Chanel bags and cigarette drags. And mostly reflect my personal style and things I like and things I'm planning at the moment :) 

And I've revived my tumblr page as well, a little place to store beautiful pictures that I find.
If you want to have a look click here

Surrender to the afterglow

Lopud, Croatia.
May 2013.

One of the most beautiful songs.
I recently discovered Vancouver Sleep Clinic. And what amazing music this guy makes.
As he has said himself:   'When I first starting writing for this project, I felt like it could be the type of atmospheric music that people could fall asleep to'

And each time I listen to this song, I get totally emerged in my own little world and forget about everything else. I really get wrapped up in this unique mood, isn't it just fascinating what music can do with you? I'm completely seduced by these mesmerizing melodies and his soulful voice.

Photography Offer

This week I'm offering free shipping on all my photographs in my Society6 store.

Just click below: 

Promotion expires February 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

Costiera Amalfitana

Amalfi summer 2012

I guess it's the cold weather, all the snow and lack of sunlight, that has me looking though photos from my summer holidays.
Here are some italian memories of the very hot days spent near the sea on the Amalfi coast.
And my nostalgic soul, keeps editing all photos so it looks like I was here in the 70's. Kind of obsessed with retro photos these days.


Golden mountains of Lofoten, slowly melting into the ocean.
Summer 2014.

Print available at

Where Journeys Begin

I'm selling prints from one of my favourite journeys ever.
Landscapes from the breathtakingly beautiful Lofoten.
Here you can see them with the frames I like the most:

It's fun to see how different an image can look depending on what colour you chose for framing. I'm really into the one above in the natural wood, it picks up the colour of the sand in the picture. But then again a classic white frame also shows off the image in a great way:

This one is from our arrival on the island of Moskenes. I have to admit that the little village of Reine, where we spent our first days, was my absolute favourite place. 
So this photo marks for me the start of a beautiful holiday.

Isn't it unbelievable that someone lives here at the foot of this mountain and wakes up everyday day surrounded by this spectacular nature? 
I wish it was me.

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On The Wall

Thought I would share with you some more of my work that is up for sale on Society6 and how I would frame it.
I absolutely love these white frames for some of my pictures. Most photos in my home have classic black frames, so I'm very excited to soon be receiving the photo you see below with a simple and clean white frame.
Society6 is great for previewing how the art pieces will look in different sizes and with many kinds of frames in different colours, so check out the store and have fun testing out the different options.


First Light

Private Island

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