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Need a little pick me up on these grey and cold winter days or a little distraction at work? 
I always find that cool photographs put me in a better mood.
Take a look at my tumblr page, where I post beautiful images on a daily basis, for some inspiration:


Monday Inspo

While looking through some interior magazines at the doctor's this morning, I came across these two images. I absolutely love these photographs and how well they go with the earthly tones in this beautiful living room. Makes me want to redecorate.

Photography Sunday

What have I been up to this weekend?
Looking at some amazing work of two very talented photographers.
Check out my facebook page for more photos from these two great exhibitions:

Olav Stubberud 
 Olav Stubberud 

 Damian Heinisch

 Damian Heinisch

Stillness of the Seychelles

I've just started looking through some of the pictures I took in the Seychelles.
These are from one of the last days in island paradise.
It was one of the days, when the rain was falling pretty hard, cloudy skies and those tall and beautiful palm trees were swaying in the wind.
I had miles and miles of white sandy beaches outside the hotel and the air was as always so hot and humid, so I didn't mind the grey weather.
Stripping down to my bikini, I wandered down the beach, trying to memorise the exact feel of that soft sand beneath my feet and the hot waves rushing onto the beach.
Nothing feels better than swimming in that turquoise water, while the rain is pouring down.
I miss it.

The Great Escape

New photography prints are up for sale in the shop.

And there's FREE shipping worldwide until August 31st.

Pictured below is one of my favourite photos, and I've understood that it is also one of my most popular ones, so after requests from the public I've decided it was time to put it up for sale.

Have a look here and test out different framing options:

Norwegian summer nights

Spending the weekend in beautiful Kragerø.

Lost in the mist - iPhone diaries


A very unpredictable day.
Left work early to catch the ferry over to Denmark for the weekend, but the traffic out of town was insane. There was no way we were going to get on that boat on time unfortunately. Rain pouring down and hours waiting on the motorway, we realised we would have to check into a hotel for the night and continue the rest of the journey tomorrow.
But making the best out of the situation and actually ended up having a nice evening in the little town of Larvik on the coast. Fun to be suddenly somewhere totally unexpected. I will catch the morning ferry over to Denmark tomorrow instead. And I'm quite excited to cross the sea at sunrise.

Evenings Like This - iPhone diaries

Driving fast cars in the rain with my good friend and mentor, the amazing photographer Lars Botten.
Now that summer is approaching I love to have little afternoon getaways after work.

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