Spring is here to stay

The Cherry Blossom print is up for sale 

Cherry Blossoms And White Shirts

I am totally obsessed with trees in bloom as the first days of Spring arrive. I can't stop taking pictures of these beautiful flowers with the blue skies as a backdrop. I wish we could have these gorgeous cherry blossoms all year round, they always disappear too quickly. So this year I decided to really enjoy them and admire them as much as possible. Since I also have my muse and favourite fashion blogger back in town, what could be better than to combine the two in a photoshoot.
This pretty babe is rocking that 70's vibe under the cherry blossoms. Check out the rest of the photos on my website:  

Pages of a magazine

Elle Fure showing off the perfect camel coat in the streets of Oslo.
Can't wait for this New York beauty to take over the town!

iPhone Diaries - Back in Paris

 French style packing

 Grey and rainy in Paris unfortunately

 I'm always in awe of how beautiful all the buildings are! Would love to have an apartment here

 Lunch at L'Ami Jean near the Eiffel Tower and next door to our hotel

 Asparges risotto.
Delicious food here, a great way to start this little vacation

The view from our tiny and cosy hotel room 

 In the car on our way to Montmartre for dinner

 Nomnom, dessert! Millefeuille aux chocolat at Le Coqrico in Montmartre.

A little dose of Paris

I should have posted photos from our Easter holidays in Paris by now, but time never seems to be on my side. This weekend I have finally had lots of time to myself and I'm having an intense Sunday photo editing process! Here are some of the pictures I had on my Olympus camera, but I have to admit that on this vacation, I took a lot of snapshots with my iPhone. I am considering creating a few iPhone diary entries as I've done earlier. In that way I create nice little photo memories for myself and it gives you an idea on how my days were spent in this beautiful city.

New York Belle

My good friend Elle is back from New York and this time she is staying for good here in Oslo!
The best part is that we are now neighbours and can hang out all the time! Needless to say I am super happy and excited.
This weekend we met up and I showed her her new neighbourhood and we found some pretty nice locations for photoshoots.
Here is a little sneak peek of some of the photos I took of her.
More coming soon.
In the meantime, check out her great fashion blog: Elle's Empire State.

Paris Inspired

Very excited about going to Paris in a few days!
In the meantime I am drooling over these apartments with a view of the Eiffel tower.
See more Paris inspired photos on my interior blog: One Day My Home

Sunday - At home details

I love to have lots of fresh roses everywhere in my apartment and I especially get the time to admire them on a relaxing sunday like this one.
I'm working on my travel diary from the Seychelles and finding inspiration to write again, hopefully it won't take too long to finish this project now.

Kodak Black and White

I finally finished this roll of black and white film, when I was on holiday in september and just recently had it developed.
Here are some photos from Croatia and the lovely little island of Lopud, where I got married last year.

One Day My Home


I've started a site with lots of interior and architecture inspiration.
I have always had a bunch of images saved on my computer and tumblr, of beautiful rooms and houses and felt the need to collect and store them all in one place, as well as share them with you.

I'm obsessed with minimalistic decor and spaces that make you feel at peace and relaxed. So here you have a whole collection of places and decorating ideas to inspire your own home.

A Travel Diary

Currently working on this little project. 
As Oslo is covered in snow and ice, I escape to warmer climates in the afternoons through my numerous photos taken in the Seychelles. 
I hope it will end up in a nice little collection describing my adventures in this tropical paradise.
And yes, my New Year's resolution and goal to take new photos everyday, didn't exactly go as planned I'm afraid. Trying to take quality photos each day and posting them here was much tougher than I had hoped. I blame it on full time jobs and having pratically no light to work with in the winter season. These factors, unfortunately, kill my inspiration and imagination. 
But I will definitely continue to post more often that I used to and share both new and old photos and keep you updated on the different projects I am working on.
Stay tuned for more tropical bliss.


The snow just keeps on falling.

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